About me

Hi! My name is Valeria, and I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer. In 2007 I achieved my Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and broadened my experience working in design agencies. I was passionate about my work, so my efforts led to a strong partnership. These 5 years of experience allows me to strengthen my hard skills and I was able to build my own career due to returned clients and a positive image among colleagues. For more than 4 years I’m working as a freelancer. Running my own projects teaches me to become a more responsible and efficient creator. As an independent Designer, I can take on projects of all kinds, which allows me to tap into all of the experiences I’ve gained through the years. A customer-oriented mindset as well as my 10-year experience in design guarantees a qualified approach to your business. More than 90% of satisfied clients recommend me as a detailed-oriented and trustworthy expert.  My design solutions сreate memorable user experiences and have gained prestigious Awards. I  am focused on developing Logo Design and Brand Identity by combining high quality and customer's friendly communication. My clients say I’m a responsible and attentive person.I should admit that I truly care about my reputation so I intend to build supportive relationships to achieve outstanding results.

In case you are in need of a qualified Graphic Designer, who understands your needs and who is ready to bring you the best solution for your project, here is my profile. Our partnership may start right now. Be free to contact me anytime and tell me about your job. I will be glad to bring the meaningful experience alive. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a message.

Sincerely yours,